Congratulations!!! Dane J. Shepherd, D.O. 2019 Top Osteopathic Doctor Award Recipient

Dr. Dane J. Shepherd, D.O. Osteopath 42 + years experience

Dr. Shepherd's goal is to provide solutions to restore quality of life. 

With 42+ years of experience and extensive medical training in both conventional and natural medicine, Dr. Shepherd utilizes an Integrative Medicine approach offering his patients a variety of treatment options. 

Dr. Shepherd provides exceptional care using scientifically based and proven approaches to alleviate symptoms fast and address the underlying cause of illness. 

He has successfully treated a wide range of diseases and disorders and he is dedicated to finding solutions and improving the quality of life of his patients. 

Whether you struggle with chronic pain or illness, recently suffered an injury, or simply want to enjoy a higher level of overall health, Dr. Shepherd can help.

Common Conditions Dr. Shepherd has successfully treated

Chronic Pain, Back Pain, Headaches, Neck Pain, Fibromyalgia, TMJ, Tooth Pain, Lyme Disease, Vertigo, Sports Injuries, Strokes, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, Arthritis, Sciatica, Sinusitis, Physical and Emotional Trauma, Anxiety, Shock, Depression

Millions of individuals suffer from chronic painful conditions


QuantumTide℠ Osteopathy

Dr. Shepherd has invented his own Osteopathic manipulative technique called QuantumTide Osteopathy. This unique technique was created from his 42 years of experience of treating patients with Osteopathic manipulative medicine combined with his knowledge of quantum physics. 

Treatment combines the use of gentle, specific osteopathic manipulative treatment and manipulation, acupuncture, exercises,  and stretches  for neuro musculoskeletal reeducation. 

Not everyone responds the same way to the same illness

Treatment is applied to suit the needs of you as an individual and tailored to solve your specific issues.

Targeted Solutions

He tailors each treatment to specifically target the cause of your pain, allowing us to achieve quick and effective results in eliminating your  pain.

The Goal

Our goal is to reduce the pain as quickly as possible and prevent it from recurring in the future. 

Meet Dr. Shepherd

Dr. Dane J. Shepherd, D. O. is an Osteopathic physician and surgeon and educator. He is been in practice for over 42 years. Dr. Shepherd uses an integrated medical approach to treat the root causes of the problem using homeopathy, acupuncture, and osteopathic manipulative medicine. Dr. Shepherd has practiced and taught medicine on three continents and in four counties. Dr. Shepherd has developed his own osteopathic techniques by evolving the techniques he was taught from his mentors and then added his knowledge from his study of quantum physics. Through his many years of experience, Dr. Shepherd has encountered complex challenges where he learned that each person’s situation is different and their circumstances present uniques challenges, demands, and stressors. He has discovered how the interaction of a person’s genetics, epigenetics, culture, environment, and biological systems place demands on a person’s system. Dr. Shepherd utilizes his gentle osteopathic techniques to treat the demands on all the body’s systems including a person’s physical, emotional, and neurobiological system for a whole body approach to regain an optimal state of health and quality of life.